Since 1.2.2011, the assortment of plastic hinges with metal pin is extended by two new sizes – 22x33mm and 26x39mm. The hinges are suitable for big models.

In accordance with this, our marking of these hinges have changed (though catalog numbers MPJ XXXX stayed the same)





Current marking

MPJ 2500 - 2501 - Pinned hinge 11x28
MPJ 2502 - 2503 - Pinned hinge 16x32
MPJ 2504 - 2505 - Pinned hinge 22x33
MPJ 2506 - 2507 - Pinned hinge 26x39

All versions of hinges are with pin packed by 6 or 12pcx, in both colour –

“W” – colour white

“B” – colour black

The hinges with dimensions 11x28, 16x32 and 22x33mm have steel pin of diameter 0,9mm and the 26x39mm have pin of diameter 1mm.

The hinges are supplied assembled.