Since 13.3.2011, the assortment of elastic FLEXI couplers is extended by two new sizes – outer diameter 8mm and outer diameter 5mm. Currently, they are being produced in three sizes – 5, 8 and 12mm, the 18mm coupler is different construction – it has sintered steel driver and elastic middlepart from NBR. On the other hand, 5, 8 and 12mm couplers has drive machined from brass, the middlepart part is from TPE.

Marking and manner of ordering

The couplers can be ordered either complete (packet contains two metal drivers including two inbus set screws and one connecting element of corresponding length)

diameter   5 mm - MPJ 53401 - 53403
diameter   8 mm - MPJ 53411 - 53413
diameter   12 mm - MPJ 53421 – 53428

spare middle part FLEXI diameter 5 mm - MPJ 53683
spare middle part FLEXI diameter 8 mm - MPJ 53685
spare middle part FLEXI diameter 12 mm - MPJ 53680

or separate pieces (drivers with set screws, the connecting element or blank middle part)

driver diameter 5 mm - MPJ 53601 - 53602
driver diameter 8 mm - MPJ 53606 - 53607
driver diameter 8 mm - MPJ 53611 – 53614

Connecting elements – see above

The blank of the connecting element is used in case, when it is necessary to have different length of the coupler – the element is simply made by cutting the right length with X-acto knife or similar by customer from the blank. However, it is necessary to keep in mind, that with increased length of the coupler, the transmitted torque is lesser and the torque distortion is bigger.

The drivers of diameter 5mm are secured by using two inbus set screws M2x2,5, drivers with diameter 8 and 12mm are secured by two inbus set screws M3x3.

The couplers can be used in boat drives of small electromotors – in boats, planes, cars, rolling stocks (models of trains – locomotives) or in small common drives (robotics, travels and manipulations).