Since February 2012 the assortment of our products is extended by a new type of control horns made for the smallest models.

The control horn micro type 4, hole diameter 0,5mm (MPJ 2207W) is made from white ABS plastic. The holes for control wire have diameter of 0,5mm (recommended size of wire is 0,315mm). The horn is secured by gluing – two basic options are available.

  1. The classical one – the horn is glued with its base directly to the control area. The pro is easy assembly, the con is worse look and lesser aerodynamic purity.
  2. For the horn itself a hole in the cover is cut with according dimensions, the base plate is glued to the inside of the cover (the horn has to be pushed through the cover first). The pro is perfect look and very good aerodynamic purity, the con is much higher mounting difficulty and worse reparability in the case of horn damage.

The weight of the horn is very small (approx 0,2g).

Control horns MPJ 2207 are packed in standard MP JET packet of 2 pcs.