Since February 2012, our assortment is extended with metal control clevises. The metal clevises are made of aluminium alloy (alternatively from brass) and have metal pin secured by steel locking.


They are being made in three sizes – the length of body 23, 30 and 40mm. The material of the body is aluminium alloy (marked “AL” – aluminium) or brass (“BR” – brass). The body of the clevises are machined with CNC technology, the pins are made on Tornos swiss type lathes. The hole for mounting of the pushrod is suited with various threads, or is plain, without thread, for direct glue of the clevis to a carbon rod or metal pushrod wire.

2150BR_1_332x252 2150AL_1_332x252















Metal clevises MPJ 2150 - 2173 are packed in standard MP JET packets of 2 or 6pcs


size 23 mm, material aluminium alloy:  0,8 g

size 23 mm, material brass:                 2,3 g

size 30 mm, material aluminium alloy: 1,5 g

size 40 mm, material aluminium alloy:  3,3 g