This whole new product is suited for easy making precise rotary drive (RDS) from the output shaft of a common model servo.

The body itself is precisely turned on a CNC Swiss type lathe from aluminium alloy, the hole for glue the torsion drive has diameter 3mm. Inner front part has splines with its size precisely fitted for the output shaft of the specific servo. The outer surface of the splines part is equipped with custom groove for clamping wire ring from spring steel which, because of its prestress, ensures reliability for long-term use without creating unwanted clearance. The elimination of even the smallest clearances is necessary, because if any occure in the torsion drive, there is always a high risk of creating flutter and even small clearances are immediately enlarging itself, which has negative influence on the precision of the drive. The diameter 6mm on the body itself is suited for mounting a MR106 size bearing (6x10x2.5 or 6x10x3) – this bearing load the axial or radial forces from the drive itself. The diameter for the bearing is made for a glue application – use suitable anaerobic glue (Loctite 638 for permanent or Loctite 222 for securing only ). For ordering correct  type RDS, you do need to know the dimensions of the servo output shaft, for which the RDS collet will be used – the most critical ones are the number of splines and the outer diameter of the splines – based on this dimensions, you can than choose the correct type – currently either MPJ 6100 or MPJ 6101.

MPJ 6100 –  outer dia 5mm, number of grooves 24

MPJ 6101 – outer dia 5mm, number of grooves 23


Weight of MPJ 6100: 1.2g

Weight of MPJ 6101: 1.3g

Both the couplers are packed in standard MPJ packet of 2 pcs.

6100_1_332x252 6100_6101_332x252