Diameter of connector (mm) 1.8 2.5 2.5 3.5 3.5 5.5
Length of connector parts: pin / socket (mm) 9.5 / 8.5 12.5 / 11 12.5 / 11 16 / 13.6 16 / 13.6 20 / 21
Length of assembled connector (mm) 13 17 17 21 21 30
Dia fo cable (mm) 1.8 2.0 2.5 2.5 3.5 4.5
Length of opening for cables 2.0 3.2 3.2 3.8 3.8 7.4
Contact resistance (mW - miliohm) 0.32 0.20 0.20 0.22 0.22 0.06
Maximum current (A) 20 50 50 80 80 200
MPJ packet: 2 pairs 21010 21020 21022 21030 21034 21130
MPJ packet: 3 pairs 21011 21021 21023 21031 21035 21131
MPJ packet: pin - 6 pcs (MPJ 21132 - 3 pins) 21012 21024 21026 21032 21036 21132
MPJ packet: socket - 6 pcs (MPJ 21133 - 3 sockets) 21013 21025 21027 21033 21037 21133


New model connectors MP JET are the first power connectors, which have been developed since the beginning as special-purpose for the application in electric power model production. The body of connectors are from special brass the surface is covered by a special layer of hard 24 carat gold which is bound to the substrate by interlayer special nickel. The gold surface provides a very good stability and low contact resistance. The nickel the longer durability. The construction is chosen to divide the transmission of the current from the thrust element (steel circlip). Thanks to it the spring element isn't warmed up by the current flow and that's why there is no waste of the thrust power by the high current. The pressed shape of the front part of the connector ensures the exact contact surface. The contact surface is linear, it is divided in to six independent segments. In the back part of the connector there is a hole which enables the safe soldering of the supply cable. The recommended tin solder is on the PbSnAg basis. PbSn can by all so used, however, it is necessary to be careful when soldering because the gold contact layer can be dissolved easily.
The size of the connectors 1.8 is recommended for the current up to 20A, the size 2.5 up to 50A and 3.5 up to 80A. In case of higher current demands it is necessary to ensure additional air-cooling of the connectors, or to use the warmconductive isolation. The connectors shouldn't be dirty to guarantee the low contact resistance (e.g. MP JET 21020, 21021 are c. 30% better than MC 3.5). The most common dirt is a mixture of dust with sweat from your hands; the recommended detergent is isopropylalcohol or denatured alcohol in need.
If any soldering flux is used when soldering, it is absolutely necessary to wash the residue of soldering. Apply this rule in any case including the used of activated rosin. A non-aggressive soldering flux is recommended.
The connector MP JET 21402, 21403 is designed for soldering on the cable like the counterpart (female) of the connector MC 3.5 (the diameter of the functional part is 3.5mm).
The connector MP JET 21400, 21401 is designed for direct soldering to the PCB. The dimensions of the contact board are the same like with the connector MG 3.5 on the cable.
The soldering and servicing of the connector MG 3.5 is the same like with the connector MP JET.